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A Powerhouse Partnership

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Two veteran investigators are joining forces to offer new and dynamic intelligence services.

Opposition Intel is a strategic partnership between two firms that brings together the expertise of distinguished veterans in their respective fields.

Criminal defense investigator, Charles Mittelstadt and strategic communications pro, Mike Petchenik, are providing clients with unparalleled access to reliable, sourced, and vetted information that yields results.

Mittelstadt and Petchenik’s commitment to integrity, coupled with their proficiency in research, analytics, and media acumen sets them apart as industry leaders. Opposition Intel provides clients some of the following services:

  • Opposition Research

  • Due Diligence/Business Intelligence

  • Self-Research

  • Candidate Vetting - Strength and Vulnerabilities

  • Claim Verifications

  • Professional Witness Interviews

  • Data Analysis, including media demonstratives and presentations for quick turnaround

  • Media Consulting; Scripts/Ads, Press Releases, & Direct Mail

“We’re excited to combine our decades of investigative and media relations experience and unsurpassed dedication to provide clients with the most reliable, credible, and actionable intelligence solutions available today,” said Petchenik.

“Opposition Intel is primed to become the go-to resource for candidates, businesses, and organizations seeking to navigate complex challenges with the confidence and clarity that vetted information brings,” Mittelstadt adds.

For more information about Opposition Intel and their services, please visit our web site.

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