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Criminal Defense Videos

As a criminal defense attorney, you know the importance of mitigation evidence.

Studies have shown videos are a more efficient and compelling way to convey a complex and nuanced portrait of a defendant's background, character, and crime, than ordinary testimony.


Applications for these kinds of videos include:

  • Bond hearings

  • Plea negotiations

  • Sentencing

Petchenik Media Group can help you tell those stories.

Results Matter

In APRIL 2024, A federal judge handed down a 57-month sentence to a defendant facing nearly twice that. 


Defense attorneys believe a PMG-produced mitigation video impacted the judge's decision to be more lenient.

Personal Injury Documentaries

30-million Americans are injured every year. 


In fact, unintentional injury is the third leading cause of death in the country.  

With injury claim success rates anywhere between 20-60%, it can often feel like you're taking on Goliath.

Visual storytelling can help you establish liability, demonstrate the extent of your client's injuries, and help you document the toll injury or wrongful death has taken on a family to give you the leverage you need to prevail.

Let Petchenik Media Group help you tell those powerful stories.

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