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Why To Hire A Journalist For Your Project

When I was a street reporter, my days were filled with a litany of stressful moments:

Beating the bushes to find newsworthy stories to cover; lobbying several levels of management that my stories were worthy of precious airtime; after finally getting the green light, feverishly cold calling sources, knocking on doors of people who didn’t want to see me, running all over town to gather the content, and then on many days, turning rancid lemons into refreshing lemonade.

My mantra was often: “I’ve done much more with much less.”

Of course, all bets were off when an apartment fire sparked, a water main gushed, or a shooting broke out moments before news time. Then it was back to the races to get that breaking story on TV.

After 20 years of this routine, I’ve developed a few skills that have served me well in my post-television news life.

These skills can also serve your business well when you hire someone like me to help you in a variety of ways.

Adept Storytelling

Journalists possess a unique talent for storytelling, honed through training and experience. We have a knack for finding compelling angles and crafting narratives that captivate audiences. And we can breathe life into otherwise mundane topics, helping your business stand out from the competition. Our writing resonates with customers, humanizes brands, and establishes that all-important emotional connection.

Credible and Engaging Content

Journalists are experts in producing high-quality, accurate, and credible content. Our training ensures we conduct thorough research, verify facts, and present information in a clear and concise manner. By hiring a journalist, you maintain high standards in your blog posts, press releases, or social media updates. Journalistic writing techniques make your content more engaging, informative, and trustworthy, elevating your brand's credibility.

Media Relationships and Coverage

Journalists understand what makes a story newsworthy. Because all of us have been on the receiving end of bad pitches, we know how to craft a pitch that will pique reporters’ interest and one that’s more likely to gain earned media coverage. We also have connections to newsroom gatekeepers who are more likely to open our pitches. However, even with those connections, the STORY is always king, and someone with a journalism background will help you drill down what that is and how to get it covered.

Adaptability and Agility

Journalists are accustomed to working in dynamic and fast-paced environments. We possess strong research and interview skills, enabling us to quickly grasp complex subjects and translate them into compelling content. Journalists excel at adapting writing styles to suit different platforms, whether it's creating long-form articles, concise social media posts, or engaging video scripts. Our versatility ensures your business's content is optimized for various channels, reaching a broader audience and maximizing impact. We think on our feet and pivot quickly.

Crisis Communication and Reputation Management

In times of crisis or reputational challenges, journalists excel at crafting and delivering effective communication strategies. Our experience handling sensitive and potentially damaging situations can prove invaluable to businesses facing negative publicity or unexpected events. Journalists can help develop crisis management plans, draft responses, and navigate media inquiries, allowing your business to mitigate risks and protect its reputation.

I’d love to discuss how I can put those skills to work for your business!

Please reach out today!

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