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Crisis Communications & Vigilante PR

While traditional "earned media" is helpful for positive brand awareness, there's a breed of PR I especially enjoy.

I have no idea whether someone else has coined this phrase, but I'm staking claim to "Vigilante PR." Don't come at me!

What appeals to me most about these offensive campaigns is that it scratches my journalism itch to hold the powerful accountable.

I wrote about the topic in a previous blog post that chronicles how an offensive pressure campaign helped a group of small business owners prevail against a heavy-handed city government.

In "Vigilante PR" it's not enough to get the media to cover your story; you have to elicit enough coverage over a sustained period of time to make a difference, and that's no easy feat.

The other facet of public relations that I enjoy is crisis communications.

As a reporter, I saw my fair share of government leaders and corporate honchos "step in it" when "it" hit the fan (how's that for an interesting visual?).

That's why it's so important for every business, large or small, to have a crisis communications plan in place.

On our latest episode of "Two Friends Talking Trends," we tackle both of these topics a little more in-depth.

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